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1. An individual who believes he has style, flair and sex appeal
He doesn't.
2. Celebrated hero of Maidstone, the pinnacle of style. Well, if you can stand the cufflinks and sock suspenders.
3. Frontman for the Anti-Feminist League.


To do a Coops:
1. To possess the courage of a lion, and then use it to come on to other people's girlfriends and get himself owned.
2. To perform an action that merits abuse, mocking, and in some cases an ambulance for those witnessing it.
A -"There goes Coops"
B - "Shame about those Gucci socks"

A - "Did you just try and pull that guy's wife?"
B - "Yeah"
C - "Dude, way to do a Coops
by The vocal majority June 26, 2005

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