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A party of dumbasses which rape the world and destroy the nation with mass corruption. People who CLAIM to Morally Conservative, but turn out to be just as sodomnic and faggot as all the other parties. Basically a puppet party, where there is a candidate of high status that releases a bunch of propaganda to nation and hopes enough idiots belive waht he says and fall in to his trap so he may corrupt the nation for another term.
dumb american: I am against liberals and all this other sodomn bullshit. I want some sort of independence and other dumbassed american ideals, I must be a Republican! (NO) Now it's time for my ultra clan leader to declare war on all nations, put our nation in complete poverty - control and slavery, and allow him to steal billions of dollars so the freemasonics can be in power forever.

cool guy (me): It's really time for a third party that's neither ultracorrupt and enslaving nor sodomnic and crazy radical liberal.
by the truth hurts March 29, 2005
To Cullum a conversation is to deprive participants of any enjoyment they may have been feeling in the time leading up to the unwanted intrusion, which usually comes in the form of over-enthusiastic laughing followed by doubling over and, in extreme cases, knee slapping.

Cullum also refers to the practice of inviting oneself to social gatherings, having assumed that hearing when and where an event is occuring constitutes a valid invitation.
Jessica Christ! Tom just had to go and Cullum his way into my 18th. At least he brought chips...

Gosh darn that was a world class Cullum. There's no way someone could be that much of a mood killer and not be conscious of it.
by The truth hurts August 30, 2012
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