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Is ideology founded in order to halt the spread of fagitry. Members are regarded as "Negurs," and are known for a deep dedication to the cause. This ideology came about when an alarming growth of fagitry was at play in an Android drawing community application called Squibblebox. There, the order grew and evolved to a full scale philosophy whose main objective is to cease and eliminate the spread of fagitry amongst the innocent people. Its main obstacle is another ideology of polar opposite intent to that of Communegurism: Luckyism. Named after the biggest fagt ever to be registered on Squibblebox, Luckyism seeks to destroy Communegurism regarding it as "troll play" by advancing the spread of fascist fagitry.

Common synonyms include: Red Negurism, Communist Negur, or simply Negur.
Communegurism is truth!

Become a negur today

For a fagt free tomorrow!
by The triumvirate of Negurs July 05, 2013

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