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the act of ejaculating while having Diamond wood
"I had a Diamondwood celebration on Lisa's face last night."
by The swagenator April 17, 2008
An unsually firm erection, comparable to the hardness of diamonds, sometimes caused by Recreational use of Viagra.
"dude I had diamond wood for like, five hours after we went to that strip club."
by The swagenator April 16, 2008
an errection of a man over the age of sixty-five.
"That old fuck has a mad case of antique wood"
by The swagenator April 17, 2008
the act of getting an erection because of automobile drifting.
"while I had drift wood it was a lot harder to drive because my cock was getting in the way of the stick."
by The swagenator April 19, 2008
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