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The sexual process that involves four intricate and well- timed steps. The first step is the naturual step of having intercourse. The second step involves the pulling out of your penis right before ejaculation and the quick yet precise aiming of your fluid towards your partners eye. The third step is made after the successful completion of blinding your partner with your ejaculatory man juice missile and at the very moment that your partner begins stumbling around blinded. For this step, you must grab a blanket or comforter and wrap them with it. The fourth step is the immediate throwing of them out of a window- consecutive with the wrapping of them in a blanket.
When performed correctly, this process should only take a few seconds at most - starting from the ejaculation period and ending at the desired tossing of your partner out of a window.
On the street it is shortened and called by "fred".
Yesterday, I was inspired by Taco Bell, and in a flatulent rage, I performed the flying blind burritto on my woman - she landed in the bushes outside, and looked like she was covered by guacamole. It was EPIC.
#flying blind burritto #tacos #ejaculation #funny #sex position
by The squeemish taco chucker February 03, 2008
The sick creation made by genetically combining a raccoon and a poodle.
That poon fuckin' BIT ME! It's foaming.. Shit it's turning green - that means its angry.....
#poon #hybrids #raccoon #poodle #donkey
by The squeemish taco chucker February 03, 2008
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