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Some damn good scotch. It doesn't even make you smell when you drink it. Can also be used as a paint thinner.
mmmmm, that's hennigans, the no smell no tell scotch!
by The spencinator March 25, 2005
A horse that loves the slop... eats it up.
This horse is a winner. His father was a mudder, his mother was a mudder..... His mother was a mudder??
What did i just say!!!
by The spencinator March 25, 2005
This occurs when you find that your boyfriend/girlfriend's roommate is a far better match for you. This leads you to think of a plan to "switch" roomates. However, this is not an easy task. People during the middle ages were locked up for even thinking about it.
My jokes bounced off my girlfriend like superman but her roommate laughed hysterically. I then decided it was definitely time for the switch!
by The spencinator March 25, 2005

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