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A place filled with a lot of black people and wiggers, stoners and preps, spooky kids and jocks, and everything else in between. Sex in the hallway is not unusual, nor the not-so-occasional "I'll fuck you up, nigga!" shouted at random intervals in the hallways.
The county in which Ball High is located is consistent for their rate of reported STD's. Which also happens to be the highest in the state of Texas. Use protection please, but don't fill it up with water and throw it in the hallway. Or stick it in my friend's mouth. kthx.
Ball High is located in shitty Galveston, Texas, about 45 minutes south of Houston. Ball High is also quite sucky at sports.
"What school do you go to?"
"Ball High, nigga."
"Oh, that ghetto-ass stoner school?! That's tizite, yo. Off the chain!!!!"
by The sexiest chick in G-TIZZLE March 30, 2005

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