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Meytar means in Hebrew "string of string instruments" and it kinda makes sense because she is the music in peoples lives is the friendliest person you will ever meet.

Her smile is like sunshine and her eyes sparkle like stars.
She is entertaining, funny and above all cute. No one can hate her because she is too adorable and never means anyone harm!

When she is angry she can't stay mad for long because she has too much love for you but if she is angry with you, you will feel sorry, why would anyone want to upset her!

She's always doing things for charity and not in a dorky way. She truly cares about others and is there for anyone!
Person one: I spoke with Meytar today in science, she's doing a fun run for a chairty.

Person two: Yeah! I gave all my change; she didn't mind that it was only 50p

Person one: She's the cutest ins't she?

Person two: Defiantly
by The sceret smilie September 30, 2011

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