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the point at which during a Gears Of War 1/2 game where you realise the connection is so bad you going to have to be the thing you hate, a CHAINSAW NOOB.

This is where your only real chance of heloing your team is by chainsawing oponents this helps because its more accurate and once you lock on baby it all rips loose.
oh for f*#% sake this game is so laggy its a chainsaw lag.

urgh stupid chainsaw noobs they are either complete f*#$ wads or they hav chainsaw lag.

chainsaw lag just ruins this game dude, theres nothing better than shot gunning. True but better still shotgunning those chainsaw noobs.
by the real elmarko April 29, 2009
A lumpage ball of assorted cereal snacks. The ball can be coated in chocolate, cyrup or milk.
However it can be used as a metaphor to describe something as assorted and caotic.
that is some awesome kerufalump.

My shed was sucha kerufalump i had stuff that i dont even understand.

My favourite kerufalump is Rice crispies and coco-pops, chocolate coated.

by The real elmarko April 29, 2009

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