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The broadness of your lingo
Tom: Hows you're end of the street?
Julia: Huh?
Tom: Means, how are you?
Julia: Oh good, haha.
Tom: Ya, you got no spin on dem disks.
Julia: WTF....
by The real Teet September 10, 2009
A person, or persons that look like they would be able to buy a minor some alchohol. ususally found inside of walmart, or out in the parking lot.
Nate: Hey man you want to go to walmart to look for some potential drifters?
Jesse: Ya sure man, what are drifters?
Nate: someone to buy you alch.


Nate: Lets go hunt down some drifters for alch
Jesse: Sounds good man, lets get messed up
by The real Teet October 04, 2009
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