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Lestat de Lioncourt is the most awesome vampire ever created. Born in France on November 7th, 1760. He created the vampires Louis de Pointe du Lac, and Claudia. Lestat is the protagonist, and/or anti-hero of "The Vampire Chronicles". He has been portrayed by both Tom Cruise(Interview with the Vampire) and Stuart Townsend(Queen of the Damned).

Lestat is self-described as being 6ft tall with curly blond hair and grey eyes that absorb violets and blues easily from surfaces around Lestat. He has a short and narrow nose and a mouth that is slightly large for his face.

Affectionately known as "The Brat Prince", Lestat is famous amongst other vampires, and knows many ancients.

Lestat was created by a vampire named Magnus who killed himself shortly after Lestat's creation.

Lestat has created six other vampires:

Gabrielle de Lioncourt
Nicolas de Lenfent
Louis de Pointe du Lac
David Talbot
Mona Mayfair

Seven if one considers the film version of "Queen of the Damned" 'cannon'.

Quite unfortunately "The Vampire Chronicles" series has been overshadowed by the over-hyped, teeny-bopper, lame excuse for a vampire series "Twilight". Even though, Lestat was partial the basis of Edward.
Lestat is 50,000x better than Edward Cullen could even hope to be.
by The real Lestat de Lioncourt December 22, 2009
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