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A debilitating mindset of pro-EU fervour where all concept of rationality has been lost in the belief that the EU and further integration of the EU and the Eurozone is the answer to all problems both within and outside the EU and that ' Eurocrats' must be absolved of any democratic control with the belief that they know best, despite the economic wreck that the EU actually is.
I was talking to Jean-Marc yesterday and he thinks that the EU debt problems will be resolved without ECB intervention.

Yeah well Jean-Marc has given up on all rationality and instead has wrapped himself up in pseudo-erotic Europhilia
by The real Bruce Wayne December 13, 2011
A proponant of AGW / man made climate change action.

Predominantly due to the hubris of AGW/CC taxation and redistribution of public funds and the seccession of power and authority to political masters.

Most notably for being Green on the outside but red on the inside.
Activists who campaign for punitive taxation and use of energy sources which are not efficient but are funded with public money are watermelons.
by The real Bruce Wayne June 09, 2011

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