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Although he is always upstaged by his fat brother, Mario, Luigi is obviously more skilled. He can run faster, jump higher, and doesn't eat as many pizzas. He also sucks nasty ghosts up with his trusty Poltergust 3,000. He can do all of this... and all Mario can do is shoot water at stuff with FLUDD. Luigi isn't just the most underrated Mario character, but the most underrated Nintendo character too.

In 2D platformers, Player 2 is always Luigi. Luigi has only had two games starring him: Mario Is Missing, which shunned Luigi more, it being a crappy edutainment game, and Luigi's Mansion, which was a lot better and introduced the trusty Poltergust 3,000. Both of these involved Luigi saving Mario, which shows how lucky that fat-ass is.
Mario: "Luigi! Help! The Boos are taking me away again!"

Luigi: "Too bad, you ungrateful fat-ass! And if you get back, I'll beat your sorry ass!
by The random jerk August 23, 2007
The most pointless of all Pokemon. Magikarp (also known as Magikrap) is a retarded-looking fish that sucks ass, because it's only attack, Splash, doesn't do shit. The most common response from someone playing, when they encounter a Magikarp, is "Fuck, a damn Magikarp." The only good thing about Magikarp is that it evolves into Gyrarados, which is a fairly strong Pokemon.
Kid playing: Empoleon! Use surf! *starts surfing on the water*

Game: *swiches to Wild Pokemon screen* A wild MAGIKARP appeared!

Kid playing: Fuck, a damn Magikarp.
by The random jerk August 22, 2007
Nintendo, made popular by the original NES, rivals Sony and Microsoft as the biggest game giant. They actually care about their gamers and the games they're making, rather than just publication.

Some of their mascots include: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, etc..

Their systems are the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, GameCube, and their newest one, the famous Wii. This new machine is very interactive, especially due to it's controller, the WiiMote, and also this machine allows free Wi-Fi. Nintendo is often criticized by other video game fanboys and companies for having only kiddie games. Well kiddie games aren't so bad, and their game Resident Evil 4 is definitely NOT a kiddie game. Especially with the chainsaw man, Dr. Salvador...
Wade: Hahahaha your gay Nintendo Wii sucks ass!

Liam: Yeah, and I'm sure your George Forman Grill ripoff PS3 and that homosexual carboard box XBOX 360 that you own are way better. Dipshit.

Wade: ...*crys*
by The random jerk June 24, 2007
One of the most greedy and dishonest electronic companies out there. They started out with just PC's and TV's, but in 1995, they released the Sony PlayStation. Since then, they have used dirty tactics to push themselves ahead in the market scheme. Such as keeping people away from Nintendo because they have "kiddie games." Also saying that other consoles explode out of nowhere. Also saying their own laptops explode, because of a programming error. This is all just to get more money. Sony is definitely not a pure company. They don't care about their gamers at all, and just want to hoard tons of cash.

Ironically, "Sony" roughly translates to "Tyrant."
Wade: Should I get a PS3?

Me: No fucking way. It's ugly as shit, has no good games, and probably has another one of Sony's "programming errors." Get a Wii or an XBOX 360 instead.

Random Jackass Fanboy: sony iz teh fuckin haxxorz u faggetard i iz teh gonna FUCKIN KILL U!!!1!one

Me: Congradulations! You're now property of the greediest electronic copany on earth.
by The random jerk August 22, 2007

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