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When a dog drags its arse across the carpet with its hind legs in the air, due to shit on its arse or an itchy brown star fish.
This also leaves a skid mark on route.
Oh Christ the dogs doing a choca wheelie across the new carpet!
#chocawheelie #skidding mut #bum sliding mongeral #brown assed dragster dog #that dogs a goner!
by The peoples poet RP August 16, 2011
When ones lady friend lays down on her back, One then proceeds to place ones testicles on her forehead and cock down over her nose thus resembling a Norman war helmet!
I gave the baw and chain a Norman war helmet last night and she was ready for battle.
#norman war helmitus #norrie lid on her #wille the conqueror hat #cock nose #will the cock nose
by The peoples poet RP August 16, 2011
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