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Socks which are incomprehensibly win.
Sam your socks...they're SO WIN

Sam what sort of win were you on when you bought those socks?

Hae you seen Sam House's socks of win? They are!
by The original FailBoy July 16, 2010
A large beverage containing:
at least two varieties of fruit squash,
and orange juice.
This drink provides powers of win, said to be drawn from the source of all win, lady gaga.
A glass of win keeps the Fail away.

A tramp walks into a bar, buys a glass of win, and immediately his pockets buldge with money.

A man falls off a bridge accidentally, forgetting he has had his glass of win today, the river below him then turns to jelly and saves him from death.
by The original FailBoy July 16, 2010
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