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The name "the duke" derives from " The Du" meaning awsome party type. It is a nickname given to anyone who knows how to party and most certainly knows how to have a good time. Many have called them selves "The Duke" but many are not worthy of the name. A duke is someone that once you see them you are instantly taken by them, they are very funny, warm and welcoming people, they will brighten someones day, but the duke is also some one to not mess with, he tends to have large circles of friends and will most certainly bite back with more force if you are to try anything on one of them. They are just awesome
Person 1 "dude did u just see that guy, man he looks like he knows how to party. Pretty good looking too"

Person 2 " ya man he does look cool"

Person 3 " That's cause he The Duke!"

Person 1 "AWESOME!"
by The original Duke December 31, 2010

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