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1. Any person lucky enough to have parents that don't beat them mercilessly, or make them hand-wash dishes even though there's a dishwasher right there in the house.

2. A term used by douches to describe those luckier than they are.
Random Person: Your parents gave you both a cell phone AND a laptop? You're so spoiled!

"Spoiled" Person: Um ... the cell phone is three years old ... and the laptop was a Christmas present. I also didn't ask for either of them. They were gifts.

Random Person: Well ... you don't milk cows every morning. Or walk five miles to school. So you're still spoiled.

"Spoiled" Person: And you're a douche.

Random Person: Spoiled brat!

"Spoiled" Person: Douche.
by The one who types August 10, 2010

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