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The phrase used by Mel B in Bo'Selecta to describe the smell coming of her muff!!!
"Oh me minge is kickin out a reet pong!!!! ohhh smells like crab paste".

Yer bastard ya!!!
by The Notorious B.A.Z February 06, 2008
A wispy, dank layer of unkempt hair usually attached to the face of a tip-toed, sticky out arse, half-mast trouser wearing rocket spotter!!!!
Dave Roo ....'What the fuck is that on your face'??

Mike K .... 'It's a beard'!!!

Barry .....'Fuck off, it looks like you have shaved off your arse hairs and stuck them to your face to create an arse hair beard. Dirty Shit'!!
by The Notorious B.A.Z February 01, 2008
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