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The one who will mend what has fallen apart when the laws of man have become obsolete with bloated bureaucracy and only serve the rich and powerful.
He used the ground and powdered bones of the rich as mortar for the bricks that built housing for the poor. What a vigilante.
by The Messenger April 15, 2005
A place once called California, but its name has long since been changed by a certain man who has taken control. This man is known as the governator.
Welcome to CALEEFOHNEEA! My name is AHNOLD and I am DE GOVEHNATAH!
by The Messenger October 14, 2004
B-Ring (Brown-Ring) is slang for 'anus'.

The term was invented by an urban legend who goes by the name of Austin Freeman.
- "Your B-Ring smells like condoms."
by The messenger September 11, 2012
A poster on IGN. He is also known as the Holy King of the Vestibule. He invented the Vestibule and has returned to save the Vestibule from the nobles and reunite all Insiders and Outsiders.

mr_idiot is also known by his royal name, which his subjects call him by. The royal name is King Bloodmoon.
All hail King Bloodmoon!
by The Messenger August 18, 2004
You don't know what a Wibelley is? You're stupid.

They're everywhere, they're like Orcs...and Jews!

For the uneducated idiots out there...

Wibelleys will get you if you let them in. They look like Orcs, but are shorter and uglier. They are also ten times more evil. Many a brave soldier has gone down of foot cancer, fighting Wibelleys. Its a dangerous war out there...
"Lock your door and don't let the Wibelleys in!"
by The Messenger September 07, 2004

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