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Typically Japanese imports that have puke inspiring overly gaudy causmetic tampering. The fart can is a tell tail sign of a rice burner. They also have ungodly (ugly as hell) body kits put on them. Many riceburners include an oversized spoiler that is more likely to slow the car down and reduce gas mpg then do anything positive. The spoiler is most commonly seen on front wheel drive ricer burners where they are 145% useless. Often times they have expensive sound equipment (subs) in them rather sprawled out in a useless fashion. The engine of a rice burner is almost always an econobox 4banger or 6cylinder that has a smaller displacement than a two litre bottle of coke. These cars are so low to the ground they get hung up on pebbles and the speed bump is their nemesis. Tuner cars are often confused with rice burners. The main difference is tuner cars go fast, are built with purpose and they are built by mechanics with actual knowledge of their machine. A Skyline is not a riceburner and is classified as a tuner until some idiot rices it out. Civics, Corollas, Integras, and Delsols are the most common ricemobiles. The driver of a rice burner is ALWAYS a douche and a fucking idiot. It should be noted that this term can also be applied to Japanese cars in general under a different definition.
Parents: "You need to get a car that isn't a cop magnet and is good on gas. Kind of like that civic with the fart can that the neighbor kid has."

Friend: "Ya man! We can deck it out with huge DUBs and a BODY KIT just like in the Fast and the Furious!"

ME: "Fuck dat! I'll never give up my Trans Am for a rice burner! The T/A is a collectable legend and the only thing that a rice burner collects is trash!"
by The mechanic of God March 23, 2011

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