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Accronym for "Content Management System".
Mambo, a customizable CMS is free, but a pain to install.
by The Master September 20, 2004
Is a not well known Mercedes-Benz preformence company which is twice the price of AMGs. They deliver great HP and style.

All though they can be a bit costy.
Hey look i just got my RENNtech S-class. Sweeeet dude.
by The Master December 28, 2004
an abundance of pubic hair in the general vicinity of a woman's sex organs. "retro" refers to the fact that clean shaven puss is the current dominant grooming style
Retro bush keeps it real, man!
by The Master January 23, 2004
ass hot spankable means some girl is so fine you just want to hit that all night long. Meaning she looks very very very very very very very very fuckable.
That girls is ass hot spankable.
by The master February 28, 2005
An infamous hip hop website which consists of an ellite group of M.C.'s

Freestyle Universe will kick your ass
by The Master November 04, 2003
woman mastermind with the power to "woo" any woman to with his chessey chat up lines and "peter andre" esc moves....
Kells :your eyes are more beautiful than heaven itself.

Girl :oh, take me kells, TAKE ME!
by The Master September 22, 2003
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