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Nonsense. Shit that isn't real, is unproven, or is made-up.

Ghosts, homeopathy, Dianetics, Young Earth Creationism, god, geocentrism, alternative-medicine, UFOs, MLM scams, Nigerian bank scams, etc. are all types of bullshit.

Bullshit is something which is propagated and profited from because there are so many gullible people in our society.
When Cecil was going on about dinosaurs living with humans, he was talking about bullshit.

When Stiril tried taking Scientology courses, was being audited, and was reading L Ron Hubbard books, he was immersing himself in bullshit.

Agatha was bullshitting about Area 51 containing alien technology. There was no proof.

That article about alternative treatments has no evidence to support them - such bullshit!
by The man in a brown hat! September 29, 2010

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