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A mackem is a person from Sunderland and some of the surrounding areas (peterlee for example).

Unfortunatly, the mackems have had the bad luck of being placed next to the geordies who are incredibly arrogant and are obsessed with Sunderland.

All the mackems find it pathetic that the Geordies hate them so much and the Mackems don't really give a shit. It's kind of like England and Scotland, you see?
MACKEM: I'm off to work, i'll be back about half five ok ?

GEORDIE: Am off ta la dole, ta collect me dosh, areet? i'll be back in a bit cos i'm garna spend it on snout an' scratch cards like.
by The mackem July 10, 2004
Possibly the worst rapper in the world. Funded by his mother, this spoilt, elementary leveled idiot, is making a mockery of the british hip hop scene...with lil jon style beats.

Fortunatly, we still have dope rappers like jehst, braintax and klashnikof (sp?)
Gejay: Yo dogg, wussup homie, i be tha g to tha j.

Person: Shut up you american wannabee fool *punches gejay to the floor*
by The mackem July 10, 2004
Tyneside and Wearside.
Newcastle and Sunderland.

Unfortunatly the people of newcastle seem to be incredibly ignorant and arrogant. While their overweight, drunk "people" smash phoneboxes, they claim to be "cultured".

Sunderland is a bigger city that is down the road and is no more of a shithole than newcastle. Face it, the whole of the north east is a shit hole. The buildings in newcastle may be nice but the people are scum

'Nuff said
"Am gannin' doon tha do-el office ta colleect me dosh, areet pet" - Geordie
by The mackem July 11, 2004
A chava doesn't just come from sunderland (another example of an arrogant geordie)Chavas actually started in newcastle.

Chavas are the scum you see all over in tracksuits, cheap jewelerry and erm...police cells.
Giz a snout like - Chava
by The mackem July 11, 2004
A snuff film is a myth...

A snuff film is a film in which someone is killed for other peoples pleasure, not the killer's.

Faces of death is in the "mondo" catergory. Executions arn't snuff films, they are execution tapes.

BTW, of course there has been footage of real killings (to the guy who said there isn't)Nick Berg? Dan Pearl? The Columbine Massacre?
"August Underground isn't snuff, but it's a great film"

8mm is a film about snuff
by The mackem July 11, 2004
A city that has wrongly been labled as a city of art and culture.

Unless you define art and culture as being overweight, drinking too much and smashing up phone boxes in the bigg market that is..

BTW, I'm from the north east, it's like that all over. I havn't really got 'out against geordies, but they are arrogant"
"What's all this crap about newcastle being cultured??"

"Oh, i know, it's because the media has to be politically correct and pretend the north east isn't shite!!"
by The mackem July 11, 2004

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