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A Celtic healing god who was a member of the Treveri Trible of eastern Gaul. The tribal grounds included large sanctuaries where there once existed medicinal springs in various parts of now what is known as Germany. Although legend states he is no longer with us, his divine presence is channelled and can be felt though mortals. Therefore, it can be said his energy remains within the collective conscious.

Lenus is the protector of the tribe, bestower of health and general good fortune to whoever he comes in contact with. A very wealthy God both in his heart and materially, he uses this to encourage others to grow and strive for success. He's a kind and gentle God who is admired for his Godly good looks and is even known to exude an irresistible charm and sexual appeal which attracted many of the Celtic Goddesses of that time. His strength, both internal and physical, is like no other God of that time. He has the ability to heal a hurting soul and protect an endangered one, all while using his sharp yet sweet humorous intellect. Also known to be the tribal advisor, he heals millions of civilians through his mystical voice and words. Also known to create masses of laughter with his wonderful sense of humor. Ancamna, his divine Celtic partner, adores him and supports him through out their journey and together they help heal the lands through love, compassion and protection. Their energies are still felt today and work through human beings.
Lenus - God of the Treveri Tribe: healer, protector, lover and bestower of good fortune. A true God in the form of a human
by The lenus June 02, 2010

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