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A good bearer when it comes to the name of marxism but stalin was so much of an ass that he terroized troskey's famliy and people behind him, and had him killed later on. Someone that would not be forgotten by a true marxist. But this guy appers to be scary at first due to that 70's hair cut.
Troksy has one bad haircut.
by The left wing king January 04, 2004
1. A tool of the dictators like the right-wing.

2. A republican's best friend.

3. The reason why anime on TV sucks, buy the video/DVD or make a club or download anime.

4. Whats holding back the U.S.

5. A scapcoat for bad pareting.

6. Something the IC channel (the only channel I know in the U.S) does not use.
The war in iraq on tv has been censored.
by The left wing king January 01, 2004
A right wing authoritarian style goverment that is very close to the top left wing. A fake version of socialism.
.....I have nothing to say
by The left wing king January 13, 2004

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