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While there's no set definition for what "gurney" as an insult actually means, it is generally acknowledged to be a bad thing, and in no case, under any circumstance should "gurney" be used in a positive way. The term "gurney" can be used as an adjective or a noun (whichever works for the situation).

(theres also the literal definition: a four-wheeled stretcher for transporting hospital patients from place to place ;a wheeled cart or wagon with canvas sides, used in post offices to route mail.)
"Shut your gurney face"

"Screw you, you fuckin' gurney"

"Your mom's a gurney"

"They had to carry him out on a gurney"
by The jojo April 08, 2006
A short Italian plumber who takes magic mushrooms so he can take a trip to the "mushroom kingdom", where he battles turtles, stomps on mushroom-like creatures and gets laid by a princess at the end!
Hey Mario, got any shrooms today?
by The JoJo October 10, 2008
A form of Pieism, a religion worshipping the one true Pie!
I am a follower of JoJo Pieism
by The JoJo May 04, 2008

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