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2 definitions by The iphone pimp

The process of opening the iPhone to writing. Apple released some shitty apps with the release of the iPhone and iPod touch. A group of people decided to give the iPhone to the people, saying " I paid for my iPhone, I will do whatever I goddamn want with it." many people don't have the balls to do it fearing that they might turn their device into a brick. The methods have become very simple now with methods like ziphone or ibricker. It voids your warranty on the iPod touch or iPhone but a quick restore and its like nothing ever happened, your warranty is back in effect.
Chicks dig me now that I have jailbroken my ipod touch.
by the iPhone pimp June 18, 2008
The term used by iPhone and iPod touch owners to refer to one of the best iPhone porn cites that is out. The website iphoneporngrid.com has an interface much like the aplication isteamy for jailbroken iPhones by Codegenocide. This website may become less frequently veiwed if Adobe creates a porting of flash for the iphone with the release of the appstore and the 2.0 upgrade on July 11.
Sorry I didn't call you back, I was busy jacking on the grid.
by The iphone pimp June 18, 2008