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Holbrook is a shitty little town in East MA we're everything involed with policts is a joke, the streets are a mess and it takes literally 2 years to build something. Usually the kids that live here are heavy drinkers and blaze pretty much everyday. If you goto hobrook public schools you will probably leave after 8th grade and switch to either blue hills or a private school. This is mainly because the high school consists of trailer homes for some classes. The sports here suck. Lets just say in the last week 3 people have been stabbed. Just to get out of class, people will write a bomb threat, 95% of the time you wont get caught. Holbrook attracts the kids that get kicked out of they're high school. Holbrook ios not a credited high school and will probably not be there for much longer. Holbrook has about 5 apartment complexs and there is one tiny middle class neuihborhood, wich is like the projects for Hingham. Holbrook kids are normally tough cause they come from basically nothing and have nothing to live for. Girls here are absolute sluts and there is sooo much drama. Since Holbrook is 3 miles wide you can ride your bike anywhere and the "park" is a sick place to hang. If you have not spent more than 4 hours of your life in Hoesbrook House, then your probably not from holbook. All in all Holbrook is sick, and shitty at the smae time.
80% of Holbrook Ma high is filled with black people.
by The holbrook kid May 02, 2007

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