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An RPG made by Squaresoft, where the main character, Crono, spans time to fix history and save the future from the alien life-form that fell to earth in the prehistoric ages. Although most people call it "overrated" and "retarded", you have to remember that this game is hardly recognized, and yet "overrated" is used to describe it. Stop whining over it being a cool game and that it kicks ass. Aside from that, please, by all means, be specific why you hate it. And don't tell me "akira toriyama fucked it up for us by making his cutscenese". I'll be referring to the original Chrono Trigger because you guys have nothing else other than Akira Toriyama, who does draw good, you all just like watching dumb shows like Lupin and Yu-Gi-Oh and Cromarty High...
Unique storyline (How many games do you know these days that involve going back and forth in time?)

Twists (e.g. Magus was sent back in time and became an evil mystic lord, while in reality, was trying to kill Lavos all along)

Items/Equipment Originality (Rainbow Sword, Sun Shades, Taban Eqp./Unlike Final fantasy games for SNES that use the same weapons such as Mythril Knives and Armlets >.<")

Skill individuality (Aside from magus sharing one skill with Marle, Crono, and Lucca, all characters have special skills that only they use. Also, skills can be combined to create new ones <First introduced in Chrono Trigger>
by The guy who made sense August 05, 2005

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