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Older than a cougar or a MILF but still within boning range, a soup chicken is a somewhat fit divorcee or widow that is clearly on the gun lap of her sexual marketability.

The oldest cohort of the chicken world; i.e., fryer / broiler / roaster / soup chicken
Dude, dig that soup chicken in the leopard print tights!

Yeah, she's a soup chicken, but I'd rip into that like a hog after corn on a cool fall day!

Better bring some lube on your date, bro, that soup chicken's probably a tad dry.
by the gumada man May 08, 2008
Any cheap, overpowering and especially cloying perfume. Generally favored by insecure tarts that, cat-like, want to make sure they "mark" their territory.
Dammit, the broad next to me on the train was friggin drenched in whore juice -- I'm gonna catch hell when I get home!

I HATE taking the Staten Island Ferry -- it always smells like whore juice!!
by The gumada Man June 13, 2008

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