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prag probably originated from the HBO series Oz and probably means stands for PRison fAG. but it for sure means prison bitch.
Tyrone: i see you don't ever take up for yourself around here. now why dont you be a good prag and suck my dick?

Antwon: Fuck you man i aint nobody's prag
by The Gimp April 21, 2005
1.The act of obstructing one person's advances towards another.
2.A situation that obstructs; an obstacle
3.An act of ill etiquette in which a male is speaking to one female in a group of females, and the alpha female creates a disruptive environment.
She is cockblocking you bro.
by The GIMP September 23, 2003
Having intercourse during "rag-week"
sorry love, not into blood sport
by The gimp April 18, 2003
A children's charity organization for terminally ill children up to 18 years of age. Grant's a dying child their one wish in life, no matter how extreme.
Foundation: You are only 12 and we grieve your time is so short, Timmy. What can our foundation do for you?

Timmy: ...

Foundation: Anything you want Timmy! Do you want to meet your favorite football player? Own an Xbox 360 and tons of games? Drive a ferrari?

Timmy: NO GODDAMNIT! I want some ass! ASS!!! ASS ASS ASS AND MORE ASS, and lots of it, I tell you! I want the hottest bitches up in my hospital room, huge titties in each hand, and the best fucking weed ever grown.

Foundation: Timmy, you got it! That's what the Make a Wish Foundation is all about, helping kids fulfill their dreams!
by The Gimp November 05, 2012
An insult of the scottish variety<br> see also bawbag fud and fannybaws
"Haw Scott ye Mawsheed, get tae fuck afore a put ma boot in yer arse"
by The Gimp March 05, 2005
Fafg was first created in a Gamingw IRC chat by SeniorBehemoth. SB tried to insult someone, and spelt it wrong. It became widely used, and has been curbed in GamingW forums, but is still commonplace on the World Wide Web.

1) Fafg is commonly used internet slang for fag.

There is another meaning of fafg, created by Omega of GW.

2)Fafg is the number that comes closest to zero (0.000000000001) divided by 2

However, this definition is low in acceptance.
1) Shut the fuck up, fafg.

2)Now class, we will now focus on the mathematical term Fafg.

by The Gimp October 19, 2004
An ancient mayan God with great power and strength
The god Quetzalcoatyl was a man who turned into a bird
by The gimp April 18, 2003
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