1 definition by The gang banger

This school is so whack. So the education is alright and the teachers are ok, but the kids? Hookers. Pot heads. Horny Little Bastards. You want to go in for lunch? Sike. The teachers are lazy and don't even want to waste their time with you. To be honest, they're probably smoking a J out back or wishing they were. I'm trying to go to class and you know what I come back to? A room with a teacher who can't smell for shit, and a kid who smells like shit. Yeah, he got high on the crescent trail just like all the other nooblets and fools of this town. If you don't smoke, you're weird and if you do smoke, you're probably a kid of BCC, no doubt.
Hookers, Smokers, and some average kids who are just...weird.
A day at bethesda chevy-chase high school..
kid one-"Man, whats that smell?"
kid two-"I dunno dawg but it smells nice"
kid three-"hahaha, im so nice right now"
by The gang banger May 07, 2009

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