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when a male has an erection in a public place or in the presence of his immediate family members - for the sake of himself and his youngest cousin, who is five, he must hide it in the most nonchalant of ways by pointing the tip of his member to the sky, nestled between his belly and boxers/briefs, so he can walk around without sticking out too much until junior gets soft again at which time he will be able to go on the slip and slide for the third time
man 1: hey, number 2, what's it called when you have a boner at the park and you hide it by touching the tip to your belly?

man 2: stealth mode.

man 1: riiight!!! stealth mode.

a mom: what the shit are you talking about?

man 1 & 2: baseball
#member #stealth #penis #slip and slide #erection
by The fuckinillest man August 16, 2008
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