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Step 1: Desire to go to a straight club (because your straight).
Step 2: Make the mistake of accidentally going to a gay club.
Step 3: Don't worry, there are a lot of hot lesbians in the club.
Step 4: Find a hot lesbian who likes dykes.
Step 5: Tell her you are a chick.
Step 6: Hook up with the hot lesbian who thinks you are a dykey chick.
Step 7: Let her pound you in the ass with a strap-on.
Step 8: When its your turn, hide your manhood and put on a strap-on.
Step 9: When she turns around, take the strap-on off and use your penis instead.
Step 10: Then pick your choice of Houdini or any of its different variations.
Step 11: Celebrate! You had sex with a hot lesbian chick! But you had to take it in the ass first!
Thank you for using the Houdini Mixed Blessing.
"Yo man, I screwed up and went to gay night again!"
"Aw really? that sucks."
"Its aiight, I just relied on the ole Houdini Mixed Blessing trick, gets em every time!"
"Yea boy! At what price though?"
by The farmsdale J-boy June 30, 2006

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