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Taking it to the next level when screwing with somebody's head. Taking everything you know about the person and throwing it back in their face on so many different levels that it depresses and fucks with the targets head enough to make them never want to speak to not just you again, but anybody else that witnessed the mental beating. Eventually sending the target into a to a child-like temper tantrum ending in them overdosing on over the counter sleep medication while holding their teddy.
(In a group of people) Target - "hey i'm doug, that's god spelled backwards with a little of u mixed in the middle -hehehe" Attacker - "doug you're such a douche, who will never get pussy, especially with your bitch tits and walking like you've just been fucked in the ass again by your father. Who by the way just got done blowing me to pay for your lunch money" Audience - "haha doug you just got mind fucked"
by The douche beater November 01, 2006

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