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2 definitions by The dart 07

When one reaches a point of intoxicatiion resulting in a night spent in a jail cell. A cross between being hammered and in the slammer:

Hammered + Slammer (jail) = Slammered
Person 1 "Hey man did you hear that Kevin got kicked out of the Whisky bar last night?"

Person 2 "Yeah man, he was so drunk he wound up in the piss tank, he was slammered."
by The dart 07 February 07, 2010
When one wears the fly on their pants half zipped. It was an extremely popular style in many high schools between 2004 - 2007. It must be noted that only the most stylistic and iconic figures in the high school social scene can successfully rock the half zip.
Person 1 "Hey bro, your fly is undone."

Person 2 "Nah, man I am rocking the half zip; I am bringing it back."

Person 1 "Man, I wish I was as stylistic and iconic as you."
by The Dart 07 February 07, 2010