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A depraved sex act performed at the culmination of oral sex. The standing male ejaculates in the receiving woman's mouth, and then quickly punches her in the stomach before withdrawing the penis. The resulting semen shot out each nostril bears a resemblance to walrus tusks. The Frothy Walrus is most often performed as a surprise maneuver, and is inherently non-consensual.
The Frothy Walrus is possibly the greatest achievement of man.
by The collectiveish August 07, 2010
A depraved sex act with a female double amputee having no legs, in the standard Cowgirl position. While on top, the female is spun in circles by the hips by the male.
The Invisible Tea cup Ride
by The Collectiveish August 04, 2010
A depraved sex act that centers around ejaculating in a womans mouth while she is on her knees, then quickly duck taping around her head sealing her mouth shut before she can spit it out. The felony version involves a fake firearm, nondescript location and shaky cameraman.
That fool pulled the hostage last night, she'll never call him back
by The Collectiveish July 29, 2010
A term referring to Hispanic women over the age of thirty who spend the weekday gathering a host of useless trinkets and trash from the neighborhood thrift stores, and then selling them in a yard sale on the weekend. These women consider this to be their profession, though not profitable.

Often affected with Troll Syndrome, these women tend to wear extremely inappropriate clothes and can be easily identified by their scowl, and hate for white people.
Why does every house across the railroad tracks have a yard sale EVERY weekend?

Its their job, they are Professional Yard Sale Associates.
by The collectiveish September 07, 2010
A depraved sex act based off a variation of the doggy style position that involves punching the female in the stomach during climax. The resulting bear like groan and surprise coined the name Kodak Bear.
Also known as the Arctic Fox for the higher pitched madam.
The Kodak Bear
Man: I love you…
Woman: I love UGGGGHHH!!!
by The Collectiveish August 03, 2010
A child that was not planned for.
Daddy why don't you love Kyle as much as Lyndsey?

Because he was a whoopsababy.
by The collectiveish August 07, 2010
A depraved sex act that involves slowly pouring warm water over a female’s clit until she pees, then scolding her for being filthy. Enjoyed by men who like to yell and women that like to be yelled at.
The Waterfall Of Shame

Woman: Please stop I can’t hold it anymore
Man: You filthy little child!
by The Collectiveish August 03, 2010
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