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A vicious land predator characterized by it's inability to feel sympathy. It has a cute, fuzzy exterior and the ability to kill anything at any time in any place; seriously...it assassinated Abraham Lincoln...John Wilkes Booth just owned one. They are found naturally in large populated areas, where crime lords will pay them to assassinate ANYONE and EVERYONE. The German Poet, Alphred Von Schleeden Ho once refered to sand weasels as "The Sand Veazel" or "Little Satan." In Arabic: "Plague of the Ages."
There was no meteor to kill the dinosaurs, there was only a pissed off sand weasel.
by The collective of Zarloff December 17, 2007
An organization dedicated to running around really fast and getting dizzy while reading the scriptures of "THA", the Zarloffian "god". The organization was convened in secret after a drunken bonfire in 1740 after the assassination of the panty god. Little is known about the collective. Some believe the collective will rise up, fail horribly, then resume their drunken antics.
The Zarloffian priest is an ass bag. He's so drunk he cant even slurr properly. This shit sucks....I'm gonna get shit faced now. The collective of Zarloff is made of pandas.
by The collective of Zarloff December 17, 2007
Zarloffian god of random creativity and fits of drunken violence. THA is believed to have sprouted forth from the loins of an assortment of hobos from New York to Bangladesh. THA is believed to have slewn the ice dragon, Kapplekorn the Sort-of Confused, but it was only a rusted tree stump; and owns and shield made from dry, flattened feces he recieved as sacrifices from his disciples in Detroit. The Zarloffians believe that the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius was THA defecating a defecation of monolithic proportions that he'd apparently been holding for centuries.
THA will grind you to dust with his iron lymph nodes...bitch. Then drunkenly whore about the town square...
by The collective of Zarloff December 17, 2007
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