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An optical illusion caused by a woman's apparel that creates the appearance of a camel toe. Typically seen in women's spandex workout pants where the stitching runs down her crotch creating the false appearance of a camel toe.
Dude, I was checking out this chick in yoga pants and as I got closer, I realized it was total camel faux. Bummer… Thought I spotted a camel toe in the wild.
by the coMANd'r September 26, 2013
A disaster (aka train wreck) that is highly visible.
That gal's presentation was a total train wreck. Unfortunately for her, the CEO was in the audience, so it turned out to be a monorail wreck.
by the coMANd'r July 19, 2013
Oral sex with a female clown.
Jim went to the circus last week and connected with one of the gals that worked there who was off duty. He woke up the next morning, afters some heavy drinking with a bunch of make-up on his face. It turns out that the gal is actually Frumpy the Clown. Jim had engaged in some heavy clownilingus that night.
by the coMANd'r August 26, 2014
Clean underwear - typically brand new, out of the package and never been worn.
Just got back from clothes shopping and grabbed a couple packs of new briefs - unsharted territory.
by the coMANd'r October 08, 2013
When two guys hang out together in a non-romantic fashion over dinner or a show. Also referred to as a "man date".
I was planning to take my wife out to see the Bostones with dinner beforehand. She bailed at the last minute, so I invited Eric and we went out on a dick date.
by the coMANd'r August 26, 2014
Sexual intercourse immediately after waking up. Typically follows a long night of sex to help you start your day.
Aaron hooked up with that chick from the club last night and he said that they hosed all night long, but he said the best part of the whole encounter was the morning shafter.
by the coMANd'r October 11, 2013
A basic saying that catches on specifically with a certain intonation or cadence.

- I know, right? (emphasis "right" with upward inflection)
- Ya, she does. (emphasis on "she does")
- Oh no he didn't (alt. ethnic version: Oh no he di'ent)
Barry: Funniest thing about Peter is that he is like a sponge for slang and the inflection infection. It's like he watches TMZ, The Jerry Springer Show and Real Housewives to learn how to talk.

Jill: I know, right?
by the coMANd'r September 02, 2014

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