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When you wave to someone you know and another person intercepts your wave mistakenly as if you are waving to them, e.g. caught in the crossfire of your wave.
I was waving to Eddy at the show and Phil thought I was waving to him. Awkward... Phil waved back to me as he was caught in a whoopsie wave. It's almost as bad as when Jim invited me to lunch, thinking I was Tony because his phone contacts were screwed up resulting in Jim texting me with an invite.
by the coMANd'r April 14, 2014
Similar to a whoopsie wave, it is when someone is caught in between two people and unintentionally intercepts a wink intended for another person.
I was at a bar the other night with my buddy Mark and looked to my right to catch the eye of this hot chick, or so I thought. She winked at me and I thought I was in. Come to figure out that she was actually winking at Mark to my right and I just caught a whoopsie wink. Fail!
by the coMANd'r July 14, 2015
A poorly executed trust fall, i.e. you do not catch the person who is dropping back in to your arms.
Kendall was all set with this team building exercise until Barry was gabbing to Corbin and not paying attention, resulting in Kendall falling back to not get caught by Barry - trust fail.
by the coMANd'r June 04, 2015
An optical illusion caused by a woman's apparel that creates the appearance of a camel toe. Typically seen in women's spandex workout pants where the stitching runs down her crotch creating the false appearance of a camel toe.
Dude, I was checking out this chick in yoga pants and as I got closer, I realized it was total camel faux. Bummer… Thought I spotted a camel toe in the wild.
by the coMANd'r September 26, 2013
When you are forced to sit through a useless meeting that puts you to sleep with your eyes open.
Paige: I am bummed. I have to go in to the office today for these boring-ass presentations from management.

Bill: Well, at least you can catch up on your meetnapping.

Paige: Ya, but the guy who took me on a date last night caught me datenapping, so I need to be careful to not get caught tomorrow by my boss in the meetings.
by the coMANd'r October 30, 2014
Oral sex with a female clown.
Jim went to the circus last week and connected with one of the gals that worked there who was off duty. He woke up the next morning, afters some heavy drinking with a bunch of make-up on his face. It turns out that the gal is actually Frumpy the Clown. Jim had engaged in some heavy clownilingus that night.
by the coMANd'r August 26, 2014
A disaster (aka train wreck) that is highly visible.
That gal's presentation was a total train wreck. Unfortunately for her, the CEO was in the audience, so it turned out to be a monorail wreck.
by the coMANd'r July 19, 2013
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