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In a sexy mood. The feeling of a women before having sex. Wet
"He made me fell real juicy last night!"
by The cherry 1! July 16, 2005
Fake. Unnatural fibers used in braiding hair.
"Gurl, you know that synthetic hair only costs 99 cents..."
by The cherry 1! July 16, 2005
When a girl/woman is on her menstraul cycle, and everybody can smell her except for herself.
"Why, she openin her legs, I smell dat blood fillet ova here!"
by The cherry 1! July 16, 2005
adj. A Oklahoma way to say wack, or trash. Used as a way to express something being "played out...

Opposite of tight
"Not you got on them old Jordans, that's so hoof."
"P-unit is a hoof gang on da norf side."
"Hard in da paint like Carmelo= hoof.... Hard in the paint like AI= tight
by The cherry 1! July 18, 2005
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