3 definitions by The bumsicles

1. A really awesome person who everyone loooves.
2. A poo that is in the shape of a J
3. A shade of pink
1. Wow, that girl is a real jaspoo!
2. My toilet is clogged with that jaspoo!
3. Jaspoo is my fave colour!
by The bumsicles April 20, 2011
1. An awesome bum-chicken with lots of style and silliness.
2. A shade or purple and a shade of green
3. Remainders in the shape of an H
1. Whoa... that girl is such a hanpoo!

2. Hanpoo is my favourite colour!!!
3. Oh you left some hanpoo's behind.
by The bumsicles April 20, 2011
1. A name for someone who you love.
1. BF-"Hey Mooshibooshi!"

GF-"I love you!"
by The bumsicles April 20, 2011

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