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Noun: An individual who professes a belief in personal freedom and/or non-conformism and who uses this philosophical position to excuse a lack of personal grooming or hygiene.
He claims to be a hippie, but he votes republican and works for walmart: He's just a liberhairian slacker!
by The blind left-handed abbot February 10, 2007
Noun: An individual who dislikes parties and who sits and does nothing until the person or persons that he or she arrived with are ready to leave. Party vegetables typically become morose and withdrawn when in a large social gathering of unfamiliar people.
My brother's a party animal, but I'm a party vegetable who gets depressed if we stay too long.
by The blind left-handed abbot February 10, 2007
A "Lobster Trap" refers to a woman frequently infested with "crabs" and other sexually transmitted external parasites. Alternately, it refers to the genital region of a promiscuous and/or unclean female.
You don't want what she got! She ain't nothin' but a lobster trap!

Alternate usage:

I gotta hit that! I don't care if she's packing a lobster trap!
by The Blind Left-Handed Abbot February 09, 2007
Noun: A female surfer or beach bum who presents herself as easy or promiscuous, but who is actually prudish or unapproachable.
Dude! She'll never put out: she's a total manatease!
by The blind left-handed abbot February 10, 2007
Noun: A violent or extremely rowdy teenager.

Alternate definition:

Noun: An unsupervised, out of control teenage house party.
1: I can't deal with my son danny! He went from teenager to teenrager overnight!

2: His parents are in europe for a month and he's getting kegs, strippers and a whole bale of pot, It's gonna be a total teenrager!

by The blind left-handed abbot February 10, 2007
Noun: Software originally designed to be hostile, disruptive or destructive but which also serves a useful function, to the net benefit of the user.

Alternate variant: Hostile software which has been adapted to benefit the end user without completely deactivating the destructive features.
1: That download program keeps sending out spam email, but it's blazing fast, I guess it's a symbyte.

2: My computer got a new virus last week. I tweaked it's code and now it still messes up the time and date on my computer but it also stops spyware: overall, it's a symbyte.

by The blind left-handed abbot February 10, 2007
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