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To order an ice-cream cone at McDonalds, but grab it by the ice-cream end and eat it cone 1st, whilst acting like that's how you are suppose to eat it, then drive off before anyone can question you about it. The new planking. Too cool.
(McDonalds worker to another McDonalds worker)

"OMG!, I just saw someone grab a cone by the ice-cream and drove off like he was suppose to be eating it like that!"
"oh yeah, its called cone-ing, all the cool people are doing it. Its the new planking"
"What retards. Wanna jack off in the mayonnaise?"
"hell yeah!"
by the big V May 30, 2013
When a female becomes overly romantic or secretive over her first sex partner.
"So how does it feel now that you've done it?"

"Oh no, I don't talk about our sex life. It's special, and only stays between him and I."

"Yup, you have Post-Virgin Syndrome."
by The Big V February 10, 2013
New Hampshire is a socially maladjusted state that lacks diversity but has opportunity for the educated,priviliged and hard working.It takes a lot of work to make it here if you dont have this.If you dont work very hard,have a degree, sell yourself out,come from a successful family or get very lucky you probably will not go anywhere here.If you like to work hard, there is opportunity here.This isnt for wimps who like mooching the system but it does happen mostly in Nashua and Manchester.Thats why these cities have the most problems.Also some of the border towns like salem and hudson are not the best places to live and raise a family due to the constant transitional influx from mass that deteriotates the quality of living and causes crime but it does help the economy, a catch 22.People do tend to drink a lot here though and not always take the best care of themselves,probably due to stress and pressure of working and the cold winters.
Live free and work hard or get out.
The crime and unemployment are low in New Hampshire for a reason, its called WORK.
by The big V January 29, 2008

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