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When an individual becomes inebriated and insists on talking loudly and making grand hand gestures not unlike Steve Jobs.
Last night Brian got shitfaced and went full Steve, what an asshole.
A dude at the bar went full Steve and we had to save him from going home with 2 tranny's.
by The beard July 13, 2013
a word for stoned, usually preceaded by totally and ended with man.
Man, I'm totally squished man!
by the beard September 17, 2006
a chateauguay slang word for pot... It can also be the act of smoking pot where FLUMPING is also acceptable... a FLUMPER is a joint... to be FLUMPED is used but not often

Gordo took out some flump, rolled a flumper, and went out side to flump. When he was done flumping, he was totally flumped.
by the beard September 17, 2006

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