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A movie studio created by 3 young youths, Mike James, Gbus, and John Clucas. The studio branches off into many divisions. It is soon to be famous. They pwn.
"Momentum Studios is the best. They make the greatest movies."
by The Avenger February 21, 2005
An animation group created by artists residing in suburban Chicago. The group led by friend of Mike James (Avenger)from Momentum Studios, William Premo (Mongoose). Along with other animators such as Klown and Milkman, and the occasional help from former Lock Legion members such as Blade Lock and Samegame, Tainted Studios plans to go far.
"Wow. Tainted Studios creates great movies that are comical and fun to watch. It's like hot sex!"
by The Avenger January 01, 2006
A man who enjoys sexual relations with other men.
Hey Ballinger why don't you quit humping other men.
by The avenger March 29, 2005
1. An ass that has become sweaty and sticks to one's shorts.
2. A term for a hick who comes up into the union.
3. An wet scaley ass, resembling that of a fish.
"Wow Jack, why does that swampass Sarah from TN have to come up and visit?"
"Oh my god, look at Sarah's swampass! My libido will never return!"
by The Avenger October 12, 2005

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