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the literal meaning of the word is a "box for holding tinder", tinder being something combustible you use to start a fire. A tinderbox can also be a potentially dangerous situation or location.

The proper usage of the term is as an insult that sarcastically implies that somebody is 'fake tough'.
"Dang B! The Angeles National Forest is a tinderbox during the hot, arid summer."

"Hey tinderbox, wanna do something about it?"
by The amazing hobo September 15, 2004
a play on the word homie, in effect giving it a 'southern twist'. there is to: thurr, as homie is to: hummie.
"Yo hummie, you got change for a dollar?"
"This IS a dollar hummie, it's one of them Sacagawea golden dollar coins."
by the amazing hobo September 15, 2004
to remove someone/something from a list, such as a high-score list in video games. the slang form is when one graffiti artist crosses the name of another competing artist off of a wall. in slang, it is not uncommon for the term to also be used in situations other than spraypainting.
"who won the mc battle?" "the dude with the braids, he crossed all'them other fools out!"

"pass me that ps2 controller, I'm about to cross you out!...and get me a soda bitch"
by the amazing hobo September 15, 2004
1. solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels through the anus.
2. something considered disgusting, of poor quality, foolish, or otherwise totally unacceptable.
1. "You're not riding in my car, you done stepped in dook dook."
2. "I'm sorry, but that wing on your front-wheel-drive vehicle looks mighty dook dook."
by the amazing hobo September 15, 2004

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