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1: you may or may not be blond headed, but u have a moment when you forget something very obvious or ask a stupid question. you can have one either on purpose or by accident. dont mistake it with stupid .
{ a accidental blond moment)
Bob: Where is my pencil?
Tim: In your hand dumbass!
by The adventures of Bob and Tim September 05, 2005
1) to be feeling great or like ur on top o the world

2) 2 be stoned or high or wutever. u dont got to be happy when your stoned. u can also be depressed or angry.

3) when u see a guy or girl that is real sexy and u know you got a chance with them. ;)

4) a great song by Mudvayne
1) Bob: Yeah, I am so happy.
Bob's girlfriend: I had sex with Tim last night
Bob: I am so happy.

2) Bob: hey do you got some pot?
Tim: Yeah, we gonna b happy tonight. i'm gonna get laid!

3)Bob: I hope I can hook ^ with her. That would make me so happy.

4)Bob listening on headphones:"Peel me from this skin, Tear me from the rind
Does it make you happy now?
Tear meat off the bone, tear me from myself
Are you feeling happy now?"

by The adventures of Bob and Tim September 03, 2005

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