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Something that hundreds of kids call themselves. Thay are NOT pyros. Pyromania is a mental illness where the person sets things on fire or explodes things for satisfaction. Like all manias, it acts as an addiction and pyromaniacs will feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Thay won't be able to sleep or stay calm. Just because you carry a lighter around that doesn't make you a pyro.
Person: LOL! I am such a pyro, Ohmagawd!, this one time I, like, burned a leaf.

You: I hope you die in a car wreck.
by The Zookeeper August 09, 2005
A name that people name imaginary people, or call themselves. They think it is the funniest thing ever, when it is actually just stupid. These people should not be encouraged. They should be stabbed in the eye instead.
Person 1 (giggly and laughy): Hey, my name is Bob.
Person 2: *sets Person 1 on fire*
by The Zookeeper August 02, 2005
Worst comedian ever. He follows Jeff Foxworthy and steals his spotlight. He spits the line "Git-R-Dun" way too much. It isn't funny, and now everyone else is saying it.
Mah girlfriend is ugly. That's funny I don't care who you are. GIT-R-DUN!!!
by The Zookeeper June 14, 2005
Arkansas. It is the exact oppostie of Kansas, a land of pure evil. The people of Kansas plan to enslave earth. That's why Bizarro-Kansas, or Arkansas, was created. The Arkansans live their lives to balance out all the wrong doings that Kansas does. In 2032, the Arkansas and the Kansans will finally get into a war. If the Kansans win, Earth will be enslaved in darkness. If Arkansas wins, world peace will come. In this war, every state will be conquered by either Kansas or Arkansas. Eventually, the states will begin conquering countries.
Every dark event that has happened in history, Kansas is responsible for. Arkansas undid most of these evil deeds.
The reason why it is pronounced Are-Kan-saw is so the U.S. citizens won't get suspicious.
by The Zookeeper June 14, 2005
A man had a blow job, possibly smoked pot, and was from Arkansas. These are the reasons why people love him and people hate him. Alot of people bitch about him being the worst president, when probably the only bad decisions he made really didn't have anything to do with America. He was impeached, but never kicked out of office. A president like him should never be tried to be booted out. We should impeach presidents who are homophobic, uber-christian, illeterate, Texans. Hopefully, we will never elect an asshole like that.
President BUSH? Why are we not impeaching this douche?
by The Zookeeper June 07, 2005
A fictional place where you tell people you will send them to be punished or send them to compete. The Gauntlet, although strcitly imaginary, is like an arena with traps, like giant balls that chase after you and spikes that come from the floor. It is used as a comical threat that doesn't really mean anything.
Ms. Middlebrooks was pissed at me. She's probably going to send me to The Gauntlet.
by The Zookeeper June 07, 2005
A word that is not funny, yet people constantly say it, thinking its hilarious.
Sam(8:00 a.m.):Cheese!
Sam(11:37 a.m.):CHEESE!
Sam(12:04):Hey, I like cheese!
Sam(2:54 p.m.):Cheese, cheese cheese!
You(2:54 p.m.):*Your head explodes*
by The Zookeeper May 26, 2005

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