3 definitions by The Z-Man

Comes from the three root words: Dick, face and slap.

The action of slapping a female in the face with one's dick.
"I took your mom out to dinner last night and as a thank you, she let me D-flap her."
by The Z-Man December 15, 2005
A dorkus manorkus is the worst of dorkus's. It is the last level of the dorkus name calling. Dork, Dorkus, Dorkus manork, Dorkus manorkus is the order from best to worst. To be called a dorkus manorkus is very embaressing and shameful. Compared to being called a buttnugget, this is far worse. If one should come in contact with a dorkus manorkus, they should immediately disinfect their whole body.

For an example of a dorkus manorkus see Julia
by The Z-man December 09, 2005
an Indian Gangsta.
"My roommates from the ghetto, but he's Indian!"

"Dude, he's a gIngsta!"
by The Z-Man December 15, 2005

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