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When you go on a friend's Facebook and like every single thing that you can on their page. It is highly effective when there are so many likes that a friend cannot view their other notifications.
Bobby: Hey man, did you see I did the engage 8 on Flapz' wall?

Goldie Bear: LOL yes I did, I bet he's happy.

Bobby: Oh check this out Goldie Bear, he wrote on my wall! "Hey Bobbie Ur Gay."
by The Yeti Wayne May 10, 2010
A modification of the engage 8 (which is when you like as many things as you can, at least 40 or 50, on a person's facebook wall) only in this version, you and a friend mutually decide to Engage 8 someone on the same day or consecutive days. For best results, do it on a person who has a good sense of humor.

DISCLAIMER: If the person deletes you as a friend, The Yeti Wayne is not responsible.
Bobby: Hey Food Stampz, what should we do today?

Food Stampz: I was thinking of engage 8'ing that cutie Allous2000

Bobby: That's weird! So was I!

FSZ: Well we could both do it
Bobby: yeah we'll do The Zone Sweet 16 Blitz!
by The Yeti Wayne May 13, 2010
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